Compressed air technology at Record-Setting 2017 IPPE

April 27, 2017
   The 2017 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) had a great year with 31,649 poultry, meat and feed industry leaders from all over the world in attendance, setting a new record. There were also 1,273 exhibitors with more than 533,000 square feet of exhibit space, another new record. The Expo is the world's largest annual feed, meat and poultry industry event of its kind and is one of the 50 largest trade shows in the United States. IPPE is sponsored by the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association, American Feed Industry Association and North American Meat Institute.
  There were 8,018 international visitors, a third new record, from 129 countries represented at the Expo. The largest group from a single country outside the U.S. was Canada with 1,383 visitors. The largest region represented was the Caribbean, Latin America, Mexico and South America with 3,226 visitors.
  “We are very excited about this year’s record-breaking exhibit space floor and attendance numbers. The turnout for the 2017 IPPE was exceptional, and the feedback from attendees has been extremely positive regarding time spent on the trade show floor and in education sessions. We expect next year will be even more valuable for attendees and exhibitors alike,” the three organizations said.
  Compressed Air Technology for Meat and Poultry Processors
  KaeserippeportableenclosureA look inside the Kaeser Portable Custom Enclosure displayed in the booth.
  A look inside the Kaeser Portable Custom Enclosure displayed in the booth.
  Kaeser Compressors
  Kaeser Compressors had a very innovative booth displaying an example of Kaeser’s expanded “Custom Engineered Solutions” capabilities. What looked like a very cool booth “back wall” turned out to be a full-bore shipping container holding a complete compressed air system inside! This Kaeser Portable Custom Enclosure  had two AS30 rotary screw air compressors (with full exhaust air ducting), a TD76 cycling refrigerated air dryer, filtration, interconnecting aluminium piping, a 240 gallon receiver tank, and an oil-water separator.  The whole system is controlled by a Sigma Air Manager 4.0 Controller.
  Marketing Manager Michael Camber explained this Custom Enclosure was an example of Kaeser’s significant investment in “Custom Engineered Solutions.” The custom fabrication and engineering capabilities, in their Fredericksburg (Virginia) headquarters, have been dramatically expanded. Modified ISO shipping containers are built for easy transport and ruggedness. The enclosures can be customized in a wide variety of ways including steel welded frames with insulation and waterproof aluminium skin, designs for seismic and wind forces of up to 300 mph, and different lengths/widths/doors for truck transport and service access. The enclosures can house blower systems for wastewater aeration or complete plant compressed air systems for rental or permanent installation. This initiative is also very active with custom fabricated outdoor skids for instrument air systems for oil & gas, petro-chem, and natural gas pumping stations
  Doug Haislip, Lisa Perdue and Michael Camber in front of the Kaeser Portable Custom Enclosure (left to right).
  Compresyn Lubricants
  JAX lubricants are widely used in the meat and poultry processing industry in a wide range of processing equipment machines. The JAX booth also displayed their COMPRESYN synthetic food-grade lubricants for air compressors and vacuum pumps. Product Manager Kurt Peter explained their long experience with the food industry helped them create a special air compressor formulation designed for plant-wide compliance with food-grade oil specifications.
  Kurt Peter and Sam Brinkman at the Compresyn booth (left to right).