GCA: new product sessions a boost

May 10, 2018
   A new session on new or updated products proved to be a popular addition to the Gas Compressor Association (GCA)’s annual Conference and Expo in Galveston, Texas.
GCA members are briefed Wednesday on new products from Hotstart.
  About 200 attendees filled the expo floor to hear short presentations by Alfa Laval, Hotstart, ACI Services, Siemens, Altronic, FWS Murphy, Monico and WellCaddie.  The talks centered on newly introduced or improved products, most of which was equipment to control and monitor compressors and drivers.
  Earlier, longer technical sessions were held on subjects that included aligning rotating equipment, practices to avoid machinery downtime, cybersecurity, basic maintenance for compressors and drivers and compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration rules for working near large equipment.
  W.Norm Shade of ACI Services spoke on the history of the compression industry, partially drawing on information he compiled in writing more than 50 columns on that subject for COMPRESSORtech2.
  GCA’s agenda later focused on networking events and a major reception. Committee sessions and the general membership meeting will be held on the final day.
  The association’s 2019 annual meeting is scheduled for March 19-22 in Galveston.