Need high-quality compressed air fast? Hi-line’s dryer rental scheme provides the answer

April 21, 2020
   Hi-line Industries, a leading UK supplier to the compressed air sector, has a solution for all companies seeking a temporary way of delivering high-quality, dry compressed air. An affordable and responsive rental scheme is now in place at the company, covering Hi-line’s comprehensive range of class leading compressed air dryers.
  Although hiring a compressor is easy enough for short-batch emergency runs or exceptionally busy periods, finding specialist drying equipment is not so straightforward. And yet air quality is just as important in temporary periods as it is during long-term regular operations.
  Hi-line overcomes this issue by offering hire options on a vast range of compressed air dryers, including refrigerant, heatless, heat-regenerative and point-of-use models. High-quality, competitive filtration packs can also be provided.
  The company’s market-leading Tundra refrigerant air dryers, for example, are renowned for their robust and reliable performance. Moreover, the newly improved single-cell heat exchanger gives the most efficient transfer of heat at the lowest energy cost.
  For those seeking heatless dryers, Hi-line can offer its proven HPSA (Heatless Pressure Swing Adsorption) units, which come in ‘plug and play’ format mounted on skids with their own filtration package as standard. Class-leading performance is assured with HPSA range, as it is with Hi-line’s series of heat-regenerative adsorption dryers, as well as its point-of-use desiccant adsorbers. The latter are ideal for the small-scale separation of humidity from compressed air systems.
  From as little as £50 per week, Hi-line can supply from a huge stock of ready-to-go compressed air dryers, including Class O, Class 4 (+3°C PDP) and standard -40°C PDP desiccant units. Offering capacity from 5 to 5000 cfm, both short and long-term hire requirements can be fulfilled.
  Importantly, control packages are available to suit every application, including heatless, heat regenerative, pneumatic, 24V, 240V, dewpoint and AEMS (automatic energy management systems).
  Regardless of what type of dryer is required, delivery to site includes set-up by a fully qualified Hi line compressed air engineer, providing both convenience and peace of mind. If desired, a smart controller can be added to all makes of dryer as an energy-saving option, while N2 and O2 generators are also available.