BOGE S-4 screw air compressor: A good match for conveying flour at bakeries

October 30, 2019
   The BOGE S-4 oil-lubricated screw air compressor is designed for use with fluctuating compressed air requirements found in dusty environments, making it well-suited for bakeries that rely on compressed air to convey flour.  In addition to dusty environments, the S-4 air compressor offers minimum power consumption in the performance range from 110 to 160 kW. Intelligent control also enables performance efficiency and connection to other production areas according to Industry 4.0 standards. At 67 dBA or less up to 200 horsepower (hp), this new generation offers extremely low noise pressure levels.

  The BOGE’s S-4 screw air compressor is well-suited for bakeries that rely on compressed air to convey flour.
  Compressed air is used to convey the flour, among other things, in flour processing plants. From the silos, the flour is pumped into a conveyor pipe and is transported to the next stage of the process, for example, to the flour scales via the addition of compressed air. Sometimes, the flour to be processed can disperse into the ambient air. The high proportion of dust in the ambient air poses a risk to air compressors since the impurities in the drive, or a blocked cooling system can cause overheating and machinery breakdowns.
  To address the challenging conditions, the S4 air compressor comes standard with a TEFC motor and a coupled drive system that is hermetically enclosed. As such, it is protected against high dust ingress from the surrounding air. The result is low maintenance and an extremely long service life.
  The S-4 air compressor is also fitted with large-size slide out coolers for cool operation and easy access for cleaning. The functional areas of the compressed air system are also designed to be separate and simple to maintain with easy access to all routine service points.  To enable an appropriate compressed air supply and energy-efficient machine operation at all times, the S-4 air compressor is fitted with smart conditions and it automatically adjusts to the temperatures and pressure levels.
  The system also makes it possible to simultaneously monitor the operating conditions and maintenance intervals of up to four air compressors. The focus control 2.0 control system supports interconnected operation with up to four units without the use of additional higher-level control.  The S-4 air compressor also features vibrational isolation decoupling, which contributes to low the sound levels of 67 dBA or less for up to 200 hp models. In addition, BOGE designed a new vertical oil separator with and pre-separation system. The benefits of the design are minimal pressure losses and maximum efficiency for the separating element.